Sarah Schmid, Director

Sixteenth year with RNS&K. Sarah has a dual Bachelors of Arts degree from Frostburg State University in Early Childhood & Elementary Education. She has graduate work from Frostburg State University, Trinity College, as well as the University of Maryland. She worked with Montgomery County Department of Recreation as a site Director of Summer Centers for 7 years as well as an Assistant Director for RNS&K’s summer camp program, “Sun Fun”. Sarah has taught in West Virginia as well as in Western Maryland‘s public school systems. Here at RNS&K, she has moved throughout the levels teaching in all areas of the preschool program. For three years, she developed and co-ran an Enrichment program better known as “Enrichment Rocks” for the Pre-K students at RNS&K, which provides a wonderful extracurricular opportunity in literature, science, culture, movement, and art. Sarah’s interests include interpretive sign language, youth ministries, and shopping. She lives with her supportive husband Nick and wonderful children, Joshua, Elizabeth, and Abigail. She is delighted to have moved into a new role at Rockville Nursery and looks forward to many more years.