At Rockville Nursery School and Kindergarten, we have developed a comprehensive program for all of our age levels. Beginning with our two-year-old program and continuing in our three’s and four’s, we have introduced and worked with our students in all skills areas (cognitive, social, emotional). As the children enter our Pre K and Kindergarten program, we work with them to master those skills.

Our school wide curriculum reflects an interactive approach to learning. We employ various curriculum areas to develop specific concepts. (For example while learning about books and authors, the children will participate in art, cooking, music, language arts, drama, and science.)

During the two-year-old year, there is an emphasis on beginning social skills, including activities to foster independence. We introduce hands on experiences to develop manipulative and cognitive skills within an atmosphere that is warm, nurturing and gentle. (2 year olds)

With the three year olds, we work on social interaction , self confidence and independence . Colors, numbers, shapes and alphabet are introduced. We work on a series of social study’s units to further develop these skills and concepts. (3 day and 5 day 3 year olds)

When the children enter our four-year-old program, we continue to work on social skills, emphasizing self confidence , cooperation problem solving and respect for the rights and feelings of others. We also work on developing self reliance, independence and developing manners . Fours work on following direction and activities to introduce sound/symbol association , numeral recognition and application , simple math word problems, hands on science exploration, and social studies. (4 year olds)

Our pre-K program is our answer to the older four year olds who are ready to be introduced to reading and math readiness skills . This class will work with hands-on materials to introduce and reinforce the readiness concepts as well as additional tasks which will strengthen these concepts. These pre-K students will have the opportunity to move at their own pace based on their abilities and motivation . (PreK)

During Kindergarten, once we have identified a child’s strengths and learning styles , we can maximize your child’s experience by providing individualized and group experiences to develop good self-esteem, social confidence, concept and academic preparedness. Private Kindergarten placements afford families the assurance that their child will receive the attention and recognition that all children need to develop their potential. Our student/teacher ratio is generally in the range of one to eight. Our developmental Kindergarten curriculum is based upon the individual needs of the children . We provide a dual curriculum when it is indicated and run a K/1 program. Children’s abilities vary and so should their program! (Kindergarten)